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William "Willow" Wormwoode

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(Roleplay info, PLEASE READ)
William is mostly used in roleplays taken place in the 1300s to 1800s, since the initial time period he was born and thrives in is 1698.
I love historical writing but if you want something modern PLEASE tell me beforehand, thank you! (Appearance info)
Build: Muscled, physically fit and battle scarred. Wide structure, sort of an hourglass shape, with a little bit of extra weight.
Hair: Chestnut brown, thick and wavy, long enough to just barely reach his shoulder blades.
Eyes: Deep green with hazel/amber in the middle.
Other features: Freckled cheeks, faint scar over his left eye resulting in a split eyebrow.
Alignment: Chaotic good.
Morality: Oftentimes at fault with his own overbearing thoughts, he's fair and believes in equality among other things. He's an overthinker but that makes him tactical and open minded, he tries to see the situation from every possible angle and becomes protective over those he cares for. He likes order, but he isn't strict about it. He's lenient, but not too carefree. He tries to keep everyone happy but at the same time, tries to keep himself happy in the process.
He gives but may also expect to receive, but won't criticize you openly if you don't exceed his expectations.

Overall, he's protective and is very determined to make everyone feel included.

Personality: He's shy and distant at first, may come off as stoic and not interested... But when you know him well enough he'll be the biggest sweetheart. He'll always be there to have your back so long as you have his, He's gentle with the ones he cares about, and doesn't waste his time with the ones he dislikes.
He loves a good joke and can become really silly if comfortable enough.

Backstory info: His life is made up of many ups and downs, going from a small peasant boy to one of the most important beings to the Lycanthrope race (commonly known as the Lyka)
In his world, supernatural beings were created by a separate Deity than what humans worship. The Creator of the Damned, they call them, is closely in touch with those with the first created bloodlines... Grown to be royal and pure, they have Regals, known as the Surpreme who hold knowledge of their beloved God. They deliver omens and prophecies to the pure ones, and William, being turned into a wolf at a young age by one of the most legendary Alphas to be Surpreme... had grown up with the most strangest, realistic dreams that he couldn't explain.

Now living among the other Grand Alphas, I'm here to roleplay his story with others who are willing to be part of it.

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