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Toni has short, black, curly hair and very pale skin.
She has a semi slim body but most of it is muscle. Toni is more of a carefree spirit. She goes by her own rules but will listen to people she trusts.

The girl can be very intimidating sometimes because of her height and her edgy appearance but she’s actually nice to the people she cares about it.

Toni can also be very flirty sometimes, especially when she’s drunk.
In general she has a short temper, and is very stubborn.

The girl really enjoys the dark, and the night. She will usually stay up all night or go out for some drinks or out to midnight rides on her motorcycle.
Another thing she likes to do in her free time was read, and play volleyball.

A few things Toni does not like are big dogs, and being touched by complete strangers. She loves animals and dogs, but large ones frighten her.

Toni has a huge fear of blood. When it’s her own blood she’s not very bothered by it, but seeing blood that belongs to another person will make her feel nauseous.

In relationships, Toni will often take a more dominant role. She loves being cuddled and pampered by her partner but in general she’s a top and loves the role she’s given herself.

(I do not own the photo/face claim, I give all credit to the person who does own it)

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