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Torch Wick

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He/Him \ Male

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A/C, Iron, Copy of Iron, WiFi

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6'1 [188.98 cm]



189 lbs [85.73 kg]

Fun fact?


He was born mute.






Olive skin with a lean but buff build, resembles a thin lumberjack of sorts
His eyes are a stormy grey/blue that get lighter or darker depending on the weather
He has a very short beard and sideburns, that are slightly lighter than the rest of his hair, along with a light dusting of freckles across his nose, but they're so light that you would have to be looking for them to see them.
Wears a gray t-shirt under a red, plaid, worn-out, work button-up and worn work jeans, which you would usually see on construction workers. He also wears well worn gray running shoes
Has a tattoo running down his right arm
His left ear is pierced, he keeps the same earring in all the time, only removing it to sleep, leaving a plain silver stud in it's place
He is often sporting flour and other baking supplies all over his clothes and apron if he's wearing one, a result of being in his bakery often

[Public Personality] He is lighthearted and flirty, being as positive and suave as he can get without the ability to actually speak out loud- although usually it's obvious to his meaning because of his gestures, which are clearly suggestive, regardless of whom he is talking to, be they male or female. And he never seems to care that he was born unable to talk.
[Hidden Personality] He is always worried, fretting about his sister, his bakery, his customers, even his flings. He goes to great lengths to impress upon the people that he doesn't care about being mute- he has never been able to talk so he can't actually miss the sensation, but he longs to be able to speak on his own, but it wasn't an injury that caused it and it can't be fixed. He hates it, and tries as hard as possible to pretend that he doesn't. He worries and frets about everything that could possibly be worried or fretted about.

He runs a bakery called Parlor of Sound, or alternatively The Torched Parlor, as his main occupation
As a side job, Torch does deliveries for various shops near his own, or makes the trip to his sister's own business, a floristry, to do deliveries for her
Lastly on weekends when he needs to do nothing else, he assists his neighbors with yardwork, fixing up things around their houses, or other odd jobs, for a small fee. Although it's usually a few dollars and then he'll bake them something sweet and be on his way to help the next house

He has an adopted sister named Kate, who he is very close with, and despite her adopted status, values her more than a genetic sibling. Kate was adopted after his closest friend, her older sister, was murdered in a mugging gone wrong when Kate was just thirteen, and he has closely guarded her ever since, taking the full responsibility of raising and caring for her as his own sister.
His parents were always absent, and so he grew up mostly free-reign, with his close friend Lyri Lovewood, who is the older sister of Kate. Growing up wild like he did, whenever his parents were home he was confrontational and argued with them on everything except the adoption of Kate. When the incident happened and she was adopted, the only thing his parents did were sign the papers, and purchase a house to put the two of them in. Torch doesn't hate his parents, but he'd be glad to never see them again as well.
Torch isn't in a romantic relationship yet, he has flings with guys and girls, but he's never settled down and actually had a significant other. There are plenty of choices, and chances are he might take a partner finally when the next right one comes around.

Torch grew up without the influence of many adults. He learned how to speak sign language and swim and cook all on his own, with expenses paid for by parents he never saw. As a result of this, he became overly concerned with his friends, and took on a mothering aspect unique to himself. This manifested years later when he ended up getting his parents to adopt his closest friend's younger sister, after said friend died unexpectedly in an attempted mugging gone wrong.
His childhood was as much could be expected with absent parents and an inability to speak. He couldn't properly explain to adults that kids were bullying him because of his malady, so instead he learned to fight, taking a friend in a girl who was always at the top of the brawl-pit when the kids all got together to wrestle it out due to boredom. This girl became his other half, his best friend, and his first love. Fighting next to her, eventually the kids that thought him an easy target because of his inability to scream were slowly but surely becoming aware that adults didn't believe him capable of beating them up and stopped trying to attack all together, too tired of being accused of attacking each other.
Growing up in his adolescent years, he stuck with Lyri and sometimes her younger sister on adventures into the nearby forests, always avoiding danger because her sister always knew when to avoid something. He never questioned it, thinking instead that it was nice to not have to worry for once. Eventually he knew how stupid that thought was, and resigned himself to always worrying about the child named Kate.

Torch owns a black motorcycle, with gray metallic plant decals on it's side. Kate has a matching one with metallic green decals
He runs a small pastry shop called 'Parlor of Sound', alternatively know as the 'Torched Parlor'
Although born mute, Torch has a unique ability to clearly state his intentions through random and vague gestures that still somehow convey the meaning of his words
After every One Night Stand, Torch will bake a small cake for his partner before they wake up and leave without saying goodbye, the only evidence supporting his being there is the after-sex ache and a small cake saying "Thank You and Farewell" on it
He loves movies because the theater is the one place people are legally obligated to not talk, he is only ever kicked out of the theater once, and it is because he starts a brawl with another guy there who would not shut up

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