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Silas Kissenger

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One of the Archdemons of the Infernal Hellscape, Lord Silas Kissenger takes his role as a leader of the demons as if his life is on the line. His powers are great and numerous. Between energy manipulation, firearm expertise, weapons crafting, and outrageous physical abilities, to name a few. However, all that is important to him now is raising his son Azrael as another Archdemon in a healthy, safe environment. Personality: Similar to the older brother he does not know he has, Silas has many different faces depending on the identity of who he's interacting with. If it is someone he cares about, he shows a friendly, respectful, sometimes loving side of him. He's very willing to put himself in danger to save those he cares for. If it's an equal, such as his fellow Archdemons, he will treat them as a friend. He is willing to humble himself if it means gaining the respect of someone greater than or equal to him. If it is a lesser being, he is malevolent and cruel. After all, he is required to maintain order in the cruel hellscape that the demons call home. In private, Silas is an ambitious, crafty individual. Many of his plans are unknown and mysterious. But, one thing is for sure. He will not stop until he's achieved his desires.

Backstory: He lived a very rough life as a young demon. He was always on his own, never knowing who any of his family was. He grew up in the harsh hellish wilderness, having to teach himself everything necessary to live, whether it be creating weapons and armor, finding shelter, hunting, or even making clothing. In this time, due to the brutal nature of his home, he amassed enough personal power to wander the hellscape without hindrance.

Once he found himself back in what could be classified as civilization in the hellscape, the magnitude of his power became apparent. He rose through the ranks of demonic lordship faster than any before him, becoming an Archdemon, one of the rulers of the hellscape itself, at the age of 120,000 years: Ancient to most but young considering the height of the position.

Just before becoming an Archdemon, he had a son named Azrael. This boy is Silas's drive to continue onward through the future. To him, his life is less important than that of his son. He works to improve his own life for the sake of his son at all waking hours. All he hopes for is that he can succeed at being a father while also succeeding at being the leader the demons need.

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