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Miuchi Yūta

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July 8th

♥ Is the main attraction in their Okiya
♥ Mainly gets customers by doing a singing and dancing performance.
♥ Very skilled in balancing on things.
♥ Some of his fans have sharp knives as a weapon.
♥ He also works as an information broker.
♥ Still a virgin (lol)

Cherry Blossoms

Forced Upon
Drunk People

Charisma 10%
Kindness 75%
Confidence 95%
Intelligence 88 %
Integrity 35%
Humour 15% Miu was born in a rather impoverished village, and his sick and single mother abandoned him on the steps of an orphanage. He has never heard or seen of her again… His caretakers informed him that she wasn’t in the best of the condition and probably passed away. Since he never knew her, Miu only felt sad that he never got to meet her. He is thankful for her, but chose not to dwell too much on it, and look towards the future.

Growing up there was rather hard, as there were many kids and you had to fight for the little that you got. Miuchi is a very quiet and passive guy so, it made things that much harder. As he got older, he didn’t sprout up much and remained androgynous. Especially since Miu grew out his now long and gorgeous hair, and had thick eyelashes. He loved to dance and sing since an early age, and his passion for it never grew out… He just got bullied for liking it amongst the other guys in the orphanage.

So when he finally had the guts to leave that place, Miuchi looked for a place to belong. Someone approached him when he was dancing in private and invited him to join being a Geisha. He immediately said yes, since he was looking for a place to stay and a job; it was a bonus that it was something he liked to do.

After a couple of months of training and his natural talent, Miuchi grew to be one of the most famous and expensive entertainers. Being the top Geisha, he had competition from the other girls but they weren’t mean spirited, but joking and happy about his position. Though many customers try to do funny business to them, Miu shuts them down with his sharpened fan. Most of the Geishas have special training, like him, to defend themselves. Which he is grateful they provide such classes.

Miu uses his influence to gain information and sell it to people and is an excellent spy. His agility, wit, and awareness heightened as he kept on his career. He barely talks, so it leaves much room to be a great listener, and he uses his wiles on others to pry things off them without them even knowing it. He knows the effect he can have on people…

However, he still seeks to find someone who can really challenge him.

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