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Kikka Rayami

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She/Her \ Female

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future, modern, ancient, fantasy

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Oct. 12



4'11 [149.3-152.4 cm]



108 lbs [48.98 kg]

Blood type?


O Negative



Pro Hero

Hero Name?


The Random Hero: Strudel



Flower Power

Hero rank?


# 64


Grew up in a single dad household, with her dad spoiling her with whatever she wanted, which made her incredibly lazy, only doing things when she wanted to or felt like it. She got really into ballet at a young age, and it's the only activity she willingly and actively seeks to do. She had a normal childhood otherwise. She did average in school as well.
Personality: Lazy, but loves cute things, and super motivated to do completely random shit at odd hours of the night but not during the day. Super nervous all the time, but willing to talk to people who interact with her. She won't go out of her way to talk to you unless she's met you before or you have something for her.
Likes: Sleeping, Nature, Art, Reading, Making other people do things for her, Eating, Ballet
Dislikes: Working, using effort, waking up, being told what to do, being bored

Hero Outfit: Ballet Dress, with special sheer see-through armor carbon-fiber weave tights and leotard, and flexible tactile cloth for the dress fabric. The weave is loose enough to let her flowers grow through the gaps then move back into place when the flower falls off/is plucked. The shoes are soft pink flats with a cushion in them, to make it easier to jump. Folds on the torso of the outfit act as pockets, for small support equipment and energy bars. Sometimes she carries a utility belt depending.
Equipment: Utility belt, smoke bombs, fishing wire for turning flowers into yo-yo like weapons, capture ropes to tie up villains. Other Equipment To Be Determined.

Quirk Type: Emitter
Description: Flowers can grow on her arms(not hands), legs(not feet), torso(waist and higher), and head. The flowers are always pink/light red, and usually lotus blooms. In extremely emotional situations the flowers are sometimes different, but it's rare and unlikely. Depending on her emotions, the flower's petals are either extremely soft or extremely sharp/blade-like. The more negative her emotions, the sharper the petals, the more positive, the softer the petals. The flowers can be removed, and the petals can be used as individual blades or the whole flower can be used as a single weapon. There's always one flower in her hair by default, although the placement changes sometimes, it's usually on the left side of her head. This flower doesn't count towards willfully created flowers. The flowers can be between the sizes of a golf ball and a volleyball.
Strengths: She can make the flowers sharper or softer at will, all it takes is control over her emotions.
Weaknesses: Willfully creating more than eight [8] flowers will cause dry rashes, and bleeding sores. Picking more than five [5] flowers will cause the skin to flake off, leaving bleeding raw patches behind. The larger the flowers, the less she can make.

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