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Kira Lungo is the brother of Vivet Lungo who is currently doing.. Something over at... Somewhere.

Kira's personality changes a lot, at times he can be snarky and sarcastic, others he can just be downright psychotic, others he can be kind and gentle. He's prone to outbursts or fits of rage where, often induced by frustration from not being able to successfully do something, or just being too tired. Kira works as an employee for [REDACTED] at [REDACTED], he typically spends most of his time reading, swimming, and researching topics that he happens to come across. Similarly to his brother, Kira enjoys learning and experiencing the ocean, loves animals, and mildly dislikes people younger than him, though he rarely ever makes it explicitly known. Kira dislikes any beverage other than water as it's the only thing he needs in life- that and food. Speaking of food, Kira maintains a healthy, hearty diet and exercises frequently, which would explain his fairly muscular body.

Also like his brother, Kira has "Feats" as he calls them- Which are really just magic or "powers" as most would call them.

"Did I do that?" - One of Kira's powers, though this may just be really bad luck, is the ability to inescapably break things in a fashion that seems purely coincidentally. This can be things like a car's engine suddenly breaking down, a computer suddenly crashing, or machinery just stopping as a result of a part breaking or rusting away. Currently it is unknown whether or not Kira has control over this power, though it is assumed that he doesn't because after something breaks he seems to be confused or question why it breaks.

Rapidly Aging - Another one of Kira's abilities is to make things rapidly age. For example, if Kira were to come into contact with a glass of water, mold and bacteria would rapidly appear and grow within the water. Going back to the idea of Kira not being good with machines, if he were to come into contact with a phone for example it'd rapidly slow down and the battery would quickly die, the phone itself would cease functioning. If he were to come into contact with something metallic it's rapidly rust and break, so on and so forth. This doesn't appear to apply or happen to living or sentient beings.

Just like his brother, Kira also wears something to conceal his identity. He wears a plague doctor outfit with a belt that goes around his waist.

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