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Joshua Ro

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+ Capable | + Loving | + Gentle | + Hardworking | = Frugal | = Mellow | = Unchanging | - Easily Discouraged | - Forgetful | - Gullible | - Passive

Joshua is a very hardworking and capable man, often very frugal in how he chooses his supplies and loves freebies. Very, very gentle, making him an easy target. Even though he may be big, he gets easily discouraged and pretty gullible. He's a big fluffy teddy bear who is loving and unchanging in his personality. D.O.B [August 6th 483] (Leo)
Likes + Dislikes:
+ Gardening (Especially early in the morning)
+ Milk (Fresh is the best)
+ Peace and quiet (He really likes ambiance sounds)
+ String Instruments/Music
- Dogs (He dislikes their smell)
- Kale (But Josh eats it anyway)
- Being pet without permission

Joshua is a businessman but stays at home for the most part... He gets a lot of money so he doesn't worry too much about things. You can often see him wearing sweats in his home drinking coffee or milk. Owns a company that he manages from home and only visits on-site every so often. Even though he is first class, he still acts like he's not, and loves to use coupons and whatnot.

He loves meeting new people but would get scammed by anyone who tries. However, he's huge in donating to charities and helping out others who he thinks needs it the most. ♥
Wants to find a partner, but honestly is a bit shy in even pursuing anything with them.

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