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Jocelyn Meria Vitren

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(Picture is subject to change)
Jocelyn is my favourite character to RP as. She is basically my persona, so I hope you like her!
-Mistrala Jocelyn Meria Vitren is a tall girl, who wears a white and blue armored dress. She has long, navy blue hair, and black eyes. She is heir to the throne of her country of Remil. She often is protective of her friends, but she is also quite a tactician, and has great detective skills. To get what she or others need, she will do anything, even lie under oath. However, the one thing she will not do, unless absolutely necessary, is fight. She is a pacifist, hating fighting due to the fear of hurting others. She also has a passion for music, singing and playing is something she does in her free time. Combat wise, her harp does it all, but she also has telepathic and telekinetic abilities naturally. When she uses them, her eyes light up from black to a dark blue. She regards herself as a knight, defending those in need.

She wields a weaponized harp called the Arkenzantonial, a weapon crafted by the gods. The Arkenzantonial has five different forms. Its standard form, is just the harp itself. However, there is one horizontal string, which if plucked, brings the harp to life, light shining through the holes on the harp. There are three forms available from this string, each depending on her will at the moment. The harp changes colour with all three Jocelyn's main fighting way, Frizeria form, protrudes an blue, icy energy lance from the edge of the harp. With this, she's able to use the power of ice magic, creating icy walls, and icy paths to increase her speed, or to make opponents slip. Her second form through will and string is the Aerolia form, a green sword form made with wind magic. It allows her to use wind magic of course, usually as a retreating option to launch herself away, or to force the opponent away. She can also pin to the ground using this form, using the wind. Finally, there is the Natura form, which gives her a red dagger. She only uses this form healing. However, there is one more form: Braveheart. This is basically her ultimate form, which gives her a dark purple aura, and changes her eye colour from black to a purple. Her hair flows with the wind in this form. She gains the power to go at the speed of sound, gaining incredible offense. Her telepathic and telekinetic capabilities are also ten-folded.

With all this power, there comes a major drawback. She is physically and mentally connected to the harp. If all of the strings are ever cut off the harp, she will turn to stone, staying conscious the entire time. If she is not healed, by replacing all the strings on the harp, she will perish. Even with infinite power, this gives opponents a clear weak point.

Jocelyn has a few inspirations. Her design and personality is inspired off of Marth from Fire Emblem. The Arkenzantonial and her telepathic/kinetic capabilities are inspired off of the Monado from Xenoblade, and Shulk when he see's a vision, as well as the Halo energy sword in design. She has a surprising resemblance to Orie from Under Night-In Birth, who is the current avatar.

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