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Honey Terashima

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Personality: ◌ Sedulous, Ambitious, Frank, Exuberant, Nimble, Quiet, Indiscriminate, Guarded, Passive-Aggressive, Slow-Learner, Hot-Headed ✕

➧ Honey is a person that keeps her inner emotions guarded, but remains cheerful and blithe on the outside. She is the type that never gives up, and has scars to prove it. Her limit is the sky and Honey is always working towards being better and improving her skills. Doesn't really talk much, however she communicates by facial expressions and gestures. The memories of her childhood were rather pleasant; both of her parents adored and coddled their only child. Her mom used to say that when she was born, she gave them the sweetness of Honey and made them stick to each other as a family. She often heard her mother singing and her father returning home with gifts for her and her mother saying 'Amalia, Honey my darlings! I've brought you surprises!' The house always smelled great; mom used to love baking sweets. She sold them to the townsfolk for some extra coin for saving. Honey wasn't sure what her dad did, mother's face always got a bit annoyed whenever little Honey asked where dada went... She'd often hear her mother say in a worried tone 'Nedd, you better not be getting yourself into those shady fighting!'

The village she grew up in was small, yet very welcoming; a little over a hundred villagers. Everyone knew everyone and Honey had great friends; most of them being boys since having girls was a rare thing for them. That's where she got most of her fire from; learning to play rough with them. She often wrestled, ran and lifted things and got stronger than a lot of the boys there. They didn't want to admit they were afraid of her sometimes, but they were. Not only that but her father taught her a tiny bit on how to retaliate; especially if they were guys. She often caused trouble in the school, and also got low marks. Honey remembers cheating a lot too pass her exams since she wasn't really on the bright side. (She still isn't) Honey learned about the dark history and wanted to become a legendary hero as a kid... But was often more of a 'bully' than anything else since she was a bit on the feisty side.

But all that merriment was all diminished when her father suddenly left on them. Honey was about 10 at the time... It really hit her mother hard. She had her suspicions due to his recent study job; he was growing distant on her mother and not as affectionate. She remembers him coming up late at night to her room and kissing her. She also recalls hugging him and her father saying sorry. Leaving the heart earrings as a parting gift, her dad left never to return. She still wonders where he is, and if he's still alive. But the destruction of her mother made Honey very upset and betrayed by him. Her mother was never the same afterward. Never remarried and wary of everyone around her, making her cold, distant and depressed.

Honey got upset how badly her mother was reacting, and it made it hard for her to interact with others due to her worrying about her. She finally had enough and until one day she snapped at her mother for being weak and blaming her for why father left them. She instantly regretted those words yet, it finally made her mother crack. She cried a lot but vowed to herself to get stronger, for both of them. And thus their mother began training to fight and soon after Honey followed in her footsteps and went to a military base.

Honey now has a dojo and trains a couple of students.

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