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He/Him \ Male

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A/C, Iron, Copy of Iron, WiFi

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His species?


He's technically a living painting, but he was formerly human.









Title: Forgotten Portrait
Unseen Physical Traits: Blood is a thick red paint, close enough to real blood but different under close scrutiny
Sleep Patterns: Doesn't sleep much, but prefers to stay in Daylight, where shadows and nightmares can't reach
Speech Style: Polite and Shy on the surface, will revert to crass and rude language when stressed beyond help
Habits: Smokes, or when that's unavailable he'll suck on lemon drops. Adores sweets. Personality:
Garry is a gentle, soft-spoken man who utilizes feminine pronouns of the Japanese language due to the fact that he doesn't like using crude speech. He's mysterious yet expressive, and his mood can change quickly depending on the situation. When talking to Ib, however, he is kind to her no matter what. His gentler side shows when he spends time with Ib. He will do much to protect her, even saving her when she faints, and giving her a piece of candy to lighten her spirits. He will often help Ib in many ways, ranging from moving anything that blocks her way to translating words that Ib does not know.
He show signs of extreme protectiveness over Ib, and can go to extreme measures to protect her, even to the point of risking his life.
In the past, Garry was a rough smoker that used crude language and various street skills to survive. He also has a short temper. He still smokes.

He carries a Blue Rose made of soft fabric and a canvas stem. When this Rose is damaged, so too, does Garry take Harm. His Rose has Fifteen[15] Petals.

He Is terrified of:
Women with Yellow hair
Ladies in Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow Dresses
Headless Statues
Mannequin Heads
Yellow Roses
Thorny Vines
Deep Sea Fish

Garry is tall and has a lean figure. He wears a long, dark blue, tattered coat
that he claims to be "fashionable." Underneath, he wears a light green T-shirt. He has light purple hair with a few darker streaks, pale skin, and black eyes. His hair always covers his left eye. He wears pale brown pants with a black belt, and black shoes.
Garry is covered in scars. Absolutely covered in them.
Starting from his feet, there are glass shard scars all over the soles and tops of his feet, thorny rose vine scars on his ankles, and then shins and up have various knife cuts, burns from various sources, tearing marks from where fingernails ripped skin off, and around his knees were more thorn scars. Then up further there are mainly thorn scars around his waist and on the front of his torso are more burns, cuts, and thorn marks wrapping around him. It's the same for his back except for a circle on the lower part just above his waistline, where there are no marks at all except a brand that says "G U E R T E N A", which looks to be carved and burned into his lower back, seared and cut repeatedly to make sure it never goes away. The thorn scars continue around his arms and up his neck, where they end just on the underside of his jaw, just kissing his cheeks,The scars on his arms end on his wrists just shy of his hands.

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