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Elios (Young)

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The textbook definition of an unfortunate soul. This boy grew up enslaved and only now gained freedom from his chains. He cannot read, cannot write, cannot count, and can barely speak. While his affinities towards the magic of life and light are strong, it will take a long time before he is ready to start learning his magic. What he needs is friendship and care more than anything else. Backstory: A young elven boy who grew up in the worst of circumstances. He doesn't know who he is. He doesn't know how old he is. He doesn't know where he is at any given moment. This is all due to the life he did not choose to live. Since birth, he was enslaved on a small, secluded farm. He never learned to read, to write, to count, and even to speak properly. All he knew were farming and brutality. Whenever a crop was incorrectly harvested, he was beaten. Whenever he watered too much, he was beaten. Whenever he was caught taking a quick break, he was beaten. At any given moment, his Master would find a reason to beat the child within an inch of his life.

One day while being beaten, he fell unconscious. In this faint state, he heard a voice reach out to him. A beautiful voice called out to him, uttering his name to his pointed ears for the first time. When he regained consciousness, he found himself in an unknown land, not within the confines of the farm. This would be the start of a new life for Elios.

Appearance: A young elven boy with long, blond hair, golden eyes, and a thin, emaciated, weak-looking body. The clothes he wears are less clothes and more rags that struggle to stay together. He doesn't wear shoes as he doesn't know what they even are. Around his neck is a black collar which has a small ring on the back to attach chains. On his back is branded the number "39". Around his body are various scars and bruises from the plethora of beatings he'd suffered through over his life.

Abilities: From his Celestial heritage, he inherited a particularly strong affinity towards learning Light and Healing types of magic. He even already has a weak accelerated healing factor which helps heal small, superficial wounds at a slightly quicker pace than normal. At current though, he knows nothing of these abilities.

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