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Personality: Echo is quite an energetic person, they’re always found making some kind of ‘happy’ noise. He really likes adventuring and meeting new people, but doesn't like ‘scary’ people and loud people. Echo also really likes animals and cute things, such as flowers and ponds, he is usually found around them. He’s easily startled by loud noises and sudden movements. If you find him, Echo will try and treat you kindly, but if he deems you a threat, he’ll try his best to protect himself or flee. He acts quite young (naive, curious).

Description: Echo is a light-ish blue dutch angel dragon, with light green wings. They cannot speak (or choose not to) so they make a kind of ‘chirping’ sounds. The rest of the looks are in the picture. With his limited communication, his facial expressions and body language are probably the best bet to converse.

Backstory: Echo doesn't know or doesn't tell anyone when or how he was made. But one thing he does share is all of his adventures, you'll need a translator though, chirping is a very hard language to learn. Many of the stories include meeting someone/something, or going someplace. Most of these are somewhat believable but some are outrageous. His species is hidden in mystery, but so far, Echo looks like the only one, at least living.

Abilities: Being an angel dragon, he’s somewhat powerful to say the least. He has some form of control of nature and sound. Slight bursts of flight are also expected, but they don’t last very long. It also seems that Echo has communication with wildlife and fauna, as he is found talking to them quite often.

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