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Dominìco "Nico" Mancini

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A well built, athletic, Italian young adult who went through too much in life. Abilities include: Expert Gunman, Inhuman Strength, Agility, and Durability, Genius Intellect, Highly Perceptive Senses, and a Rapid Healing Factor. Personality: Due to his rough, military past, and the knowledge that he was created as an experiment, he has a cold, intimidating persona. Those who work under him in DominiCo fear the young man, not for his loose temper but his lackthereof. He is always calm and cool headed, even when ordering the destruction of an entire company's foundation. However, on the inside is a damaged soul who wishes nothing more than to live the peaceful life he never had the chance to.

Backstory: Dominìco grew up in a family that took excess to a new level. Everything they ever did exuded pure wealth. However, despite having been born into the lap of luxury, Nico did not live the life of the rich and famous. Rather, his parents used their obscene wealth to perform experiments on their only son, seeking to create the ultimate being. And in a twist of fate, they succeeded at creating a human unlike any other. His strength was greater than any athlete when he was merely a child. His agility was that of the most well trained soldier. The Mancini Family was proud of their creation. However, it turned on them.

Nico, having capabilities far exceeding the average mortal being, found himself enlisted in the military. He loathed his parents, the beings who took his chance at a normal life away. However, he was able to keep it within himself. He would find the perfect time to make his retribution a reality.

During military training, he excelled in all regards: Shooting, piloting, physical exertion, all were no challenge for the teen. He finished the training with the highest marks possible, becoming a special agent. One day while on leave from the base, he found his revenge. He was not one who would wish death upon his enemies, despite his cold and unfriendly exterior. He was far worse. He found it far more effective to leave them in misery. Using his intellect and abilities, he stole his family's funds, hiding all evidence of his involvement. He caused his family's bankruptcy. The twenty year old soldier became one of the wealthiest in history, and due to his fabricated story, not a single soul knew the truth of the origin. Now, having discharged himself from the military, he works as a businessman, the young Billionaire Tycoon, head of DominiCo.

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