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Demona Cain

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Special Markings:
Her right forearm has a tattoo of a bird wing wrapped from wrist to elbow.
From the base of her neck to her left shoulder is a fine-line tattoo of a snake.
Arcane Shadow tattoo:
The sigil where Demona draws her focus and power from to conduct her Shadow Magic. Personality: Demona is a flexible and laid-back person. It has been proven time and time again that in most situations, Demona can find a way to adapt herself to whatever is presented to her. But despite her easy-going and fun nature, she can be a harsh judge of herself. Letting down someone close to her or believing she could have done more can really diminish her self-worth. Growing up as a street kid and being inducted into a small band of thieves has given her a general dislike for the government and those who work under their flag.

Often times, people view her as an individual lacking a value system, honor and a seriousness to life. But Demona cares deeply for those who have proven to be her friend and will fight beside them if called. She also has a soft spot for children, especially those who have been left on the streets.

Demona's beginning was a promising one. Born into a good home with loving parents, she had a bright future that lay ahead of her. But when she was 7, a sickness had infected her city and worked its way into her home. Killing her parents and leaving her alone in the world. Once the plague worked its way through her hometown, she was one of many who were without a home or family and left on the streets.
Demona scraped by as best as she could for a whole year, finding out that few people were willing to help. It wasn't until she was approached by Hollow, a Master Thief, offering her help and shelter. From there, Demona was introduced to Hollow’s gang of thieves and then finally found a permanent home. Demona wasn’t the first child to be recruited by Hollow and his gang. There were many orphaned and unwanted children whom he had taken in. Hollow had a similar childhood and had too found family in the world of thieves.

From there, Demona had started her training. It started small, learning how to lift a few coins for unsuspecting passers-by on the busy streets of her city. To breaking into strongholds and stealing the hoarded treasures of the rich. With all the hardships and training, Demona maintained a jovial attitude and could always find a way to joke with those around her. This was how Demona managed to keep herself level-headed through it all.

Hollow witnessed Demona’s growth from minuscule pickpocketer to a proper thief and offered to train her further. This is what lead Demona to gain her Shadow Sigil at the age of 18. Eventually, as Demona grew older, she had a deep desire to see more of the world around her and the treasures it held. To take leave from the gang, while not forbidden, was something Demona had requested from Hollow. He had agreed to let her leave and explore the world while wishing her luck on what she sought.

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