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Dayna Bruner

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-Full Sleeve Tattoo on Right Arm. Colorful and feminine. Features Koi Fish, Chrysanthemums and Waves.
-Healed Scar across nose bridge and on Left eyebrow.

Items of note:

Holographic PDA

Being Dayna Bruner has its benefits as she has access to all the newest in technology. While not in use, this PDA looks like a simple wrist band, but when activated it turns into a holographic handheld device that combines a computer micro-frame, sensor analysis pack, and many other tools. Occupation: Ship Captain/Heiress
Ship Name: SS Bastion
Employer: Apex Industries - While it has primarily been an Interplanetary Mining and Shipping company for many years, Dayna’s father had built upon her grandfather’s work to include the manufacturing of Mining Equipment and Spaceships for industrial and commercial use.
Homeworld: Earth/Terra


Knowing Dayna, you wouldn’t think she was an Heiress to a multi-billion dollar company based on her personality or looks. Her Father and Grandfather raised her to to be hardworking, ambitious and freethinking in preparation for her future position as the head of Apex. These lessons had pushed her to learn all she could about the family business, taking great interest in becoming a captain of her own starship and crew, loving the idea of traveling among the stars and seeing as many worlds as she can.

Dayna has a strict ‘Work hard, Play hard’ policy that she expects all of her crew to follow, along with herself. As a Captain, she can come across as being harsh and no-nonsense, taking her role very seriously. Dayna understands that she has an obligation not only to Apex or its clientele but to her crew. Failure is not an option and Dayna will hold herself responsible for everyone that comes aboard her ship.

But being a good Captain isn’t just about commanding, it’s being able to relax and have fun with the people who work alongside you. In moments like these, that’s when Dayna’s charismatic and jovial nature comes through. She’s been known to go with her fellow crew-members for a fun night out or doing something as simple as playing cards in the canteen. To Deyna, her crew is very much an extension of her family and is fiercely loyal to them.


Dayna was born into the now wealthy Bruner family and is destined to become the future head of Apex Industries. Her grandfather, Hans Bruner, had started with a single ship for deep space transporting and freighting as at the time it was a hard and dangerous job. Eventually, with enough success, Hans had been able to invest in more starships and mining equipment to expand his fleet and business. From that point on, Apex grew to be a well-known name for cargo hauling, interplanetary mining and eventually manufacturing.

Dayna was a curious and active child. Always wanting to know everything about the world around her, which her family whole-heartedly obliged in answering every one of her questions. While she was a child, her father, Roland, had an active role within the family company, and as his own father had once done, captain his own starships and run mining operations off-world. Dayna would often accompany her father off-world and spent much of her childhood living, playing and receiving an education onboard the ships her father captained.

These trips eventually became more frequent when Dayna's mother had passed away from a lethal form of cancer. Roland and Dayna became very close during this time, and would rarely be separated

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