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Dig Laban

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She/Her \ Female

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A/C, Iron, Copy of Iron, WiFi

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Dark Green [DG] [Dig]
19-28 [depending on RP]
October 13, XXXX
Defensive Aggressive Attitude APPEARANCE
Long dark blonde hair that falls in ringlets
Hazel-Green eyes
Olive-tan skin tone
Filled Out/Athletic build
Baby-ish face with small pink lips, and rounded cheeks that are lightly freckled.
As a humanized concept, Dig has sharper than average teeth with most of them being pointed, slightly animalistic cat-like pupils, semi-pointed ears that can twitch like certain animals, tougher nails, fluffier hair textures, and a soft padded texture to her palms and the bottoms of her feet- along with semi-clawed toes that remain hidden in her shoes and socks.

[Public Personality] ​​​​Dig is quiet and observant, choosing to watch and stay out of the way more often than not as a way of defense
If pushed even slightly, she will lash out and become spiteful and angry at whomever has pushed the specific button that caused the anger in the first place
She is angry as a defense, and more willing to snap at strangers rather than open polite conversation
She'll verbally attack anyone who points out her flaws and decisions with insults and sometimes even lashing out physically if she feels her motives are being called into question in a way she doesn't want
[Hidden Personality] Dig is painfully kind in private, and hides a worried core behind her front of anger
She wants to help everyone who needs it and gets genuinely angry and frustrated at herself when she can't
If it comes down to her own safety and the safety of someone helpless, she'll choose the helpless person and then verbally abuse anyone who dares to point it out
Dig came into being on a cloudy October night, wandering around as a young child with the personality and knowledge of a blank slate, knowing only her own name, that she was a girl, that she was the color Green, and that she wasn't like the humans that pretended she didn't exist.
She was found by a middle aged woman who never told Dig who she was- Dig only knew her as "Laban", a butchered attempt of a young Dig at saying "lady woman"
Laban raised Dig to be kind, but the woman's rough personality and intelligence rubbed off on the young color, giving her the knowledge and interests she carried to her current life- the woman was secretive and moved around with Dig as if she had to run, and this exposed Dig to many things that taught her about humanity as a whole
When Laban died from old age, Dig was given a visual for the concept of 'death' Laban had introduced to her at an earlier age, and she took the information and filed it away, knowing it would be irrelevant for a long time, as her inherent knowledge of her kind told her that her death was far off, as concepts lived exceptionally long lives.
After heading out on her own with no human caretaker, at the age of 15 human years, she learned everything she could on her own, and encountered 'romance', which left her angry and bitter, vowing to never trust another human in romance ever again, though she's too soft for that.

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