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Some demons try to break the mold of their stereotypes. Some embrace it. Cythraul falls into the latter category. This is a demon who'd relished in his sadistic nature. Now, he's paying the price. For millennia he's been imprisioned. And that fact is not changing any time soon. Cythraul was born a demon in the mortal world. Having grown up as a demon, he'd benefitted from the many powers and strengths that came with his race. However, it came at a price. His power was extraordinary, yet placed in the worst hands. Cythraul grew a sadistic, murderous, malevolent nature due to the demonic influence in his mind. With the power contained within him, he'd grown used to treating mortals as playthings. Torture, abuse, murder, none were off limits.

One day while Cythraul was out destroying a city, he sensed a force acting against him. For once, some resistance. This excited Cythraul, always having loved destroying any roadblocks in his way. However, this one would not end in the demon's favor. He got captured, sparing the remaining pieces of the city.

With the demon captured, there was only one solution for him. Being immortal, his captors could not kill him. Thus, they came up with the next best thing: Eternal imprisonment. Cythrauls vast powers were useless in the faces of his captors. His monstrous strength was unable to break his chains. Battered, alone, and pitiful, the being that once called the world his prey was now the prey itself.

It has been many thousands of years since his capture. Cythraul spends every day of his life wishing to be freed from his torment. However, freedom will never come. The countless souls that he'd hunted have gotten their revenge. Now just a shell of his former self, the demon sits in his cell, hopeless and dejected. The life he once loved is now over. And a new life has not yet begun.

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