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Eridan Ampora

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He/Him \ Male

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A/C, Iron, Copy of Iron, WiFi

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His species?


'Alternian' is the technical english term, but 'Troll' is the common english term









Titles: Orphaner; Prince of Hope
Hemocaste: Sea-dweller Violet Blood; Marking him as Alternian Royalty
Nocturnal: But stays up late into the day anyways
Typing/Speaking/Writing Style: Doubles 'v' and 'w', ends '-ing' words with 'n', little to no capitalization, shortens names, sometimes replaces 'an' and 'of' with 'a'
Strife Specibus: Riflekind or Wandkind Enjoys military history, magic, science, seahorses, capes, and doomsday devices
Bears a dislike for land-dwellers, appearing weak or naive

-Skin: Smooth, gray, and much like chitin
-Black lips, grey tongue, yellow claws
-Black hair, with a violet streak in the front the same color as his blood
-Yellow eyes, violet iris, slit pupils
-Webbed fingers/toes
-Lighting shaped horns, colored like candy-corn

Technology: From the planet Alternia, he carries standard bio-tech common for any self-respecting troll;
-The Strife Specibus- a subspace utilizing weapons device, allowing a troll to carry weapons while taking up no inventory space, although it is limited to one kind of weapon per 'card', and only a few 'cards' per specibus. He only has two cards, Riflekind and Wandkind- this allows him to keep and use three separate rifles, or three separate wands, depending on what card he has 'equipped'.
-The Sylladex- Another subspace utilizing device, for storage. Depending on operating modus, and how many cards one has, you can store a limited amount of items without weighing yourself down. He has a simple modus, and a decent amount of cards, although he doesn't carry much.
-The Husktop: Carried in the Sylladex, it is a bio-tech equivalent of a laptop. His is waterproof.
-The Palmhusk: Usually kept in a pocket for convenience, it is the bio-tech equivalent of a smartphone. Also waterproof.
-The Grub-drives: Bio-tech equivalent of USB's or even gaming consoles. Grub based ports and plugs are the base of all Alternian bio-tech.

Inventory: Standard items carried day-to-day in Eridan's Sylladex (All items are Waterproof);
-Spare Capes: Extra, identical, capes carried in case the one he's wearing gets ruined.
-Spare Scarves: Same as the capes, just with scarves.
-Extra Husktop/Palmhusk Items: Includes extra chargers, and even some spares of the devices as well.
-Suitcase of Clothes: Anyone knows their Hive could face disaster and any moment, all trolls start early with keeping emergency clothes at all times.
-Weapon Maintenance Kit: For the cleaning and caring of his rifles and wands. Complete with spare parts for rifles.
-Extra Ammo: Self explanatory.
-Spare Glasses: A few spares in case his current pair breaks.
-A Few Books: To stave off boredom while traveling. Usually Military History.
-Spare Keys: Extra sets of keys to anything he owns that has a lock. It sucks to be locked out of your spaceship.
-Comb: To keep his look tidy.
-A Broken Fuchsia Diamond (</>) Ring: Reminder of his failed attempt at romance with a childhood friend.

Weapons: Contents of his Strife Specibus;
-Rifles: Two generic everyday rifles as backup weapons for his Riflekind Specibus.
-Spare Wand: A backup wand for his Wandkind Specibus.
-Ahab's Crosshairs: His main battle rifle and an heirloom from his Ancestor, Orphaner Dualscar.
-Empiricist's Wand: His main wand that channels the power of "White Science" according to Eridan (It's just white magic).

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