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Aurelias Elveron

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A very gifted mage, able to execute most spells he finds with ease. Elemental affinities seem not to matter to him. If it's a spell, he can figure it out. On top of this, due to his demonic physique and wings, he has supernatural strength, speed, and flight. Personality: Despite his intimidating appearance, he's a soft-spoken, almost childish demon. After all, he is still a relatively young demon. He is fascinated by anything that originated in the mortal realm as well. He's a very kind soul, though somewhat sheepish socially.

Backstory: Determined to have outstanding magical affinities at a young age, Aurelias never had a moment where he wasn't deep into magical studies. Whether it be learning spells, crafting spells, or learning the history of magic, all time was spent focused on magic. This led the young Aurelias to lead a sheltered, unfulfilling life. Thus, when the chance to study in a prestigious magic academy in the Demonic Realm was offered, he took it without hesitation. This would be the first time he had the chance to study with others, as all his previous lessons were done in private.

At the academy, Aurelias found success in all academic fields. However, he struggled to find friendship due to his sheltered life. Thus, he forced himself to find some kind of hobby. Enter the chance he had to visit the mortal realm. This fascinated the magic prodigy. Now, he spends his time studying the Mortal Realm, hoping that one day he may uncover just how "mere mortals" were able to create technology far more advanced than he could think of.

At present, Aurelias finds himself traveling the various realms in search of new information he can use in his research on mortal life and culture. Who knows what he might uncover in his quest?

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