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Akiara is a kindhearted stubborn girl who was raised up without both of her parents. Although she is a demon, she tends to dream of everyone getting along, and obtaining close friends. She can be rather confident, and in front of strangers, keeps a passive attitude, although with her friends she shows her more happy side. Akiara has a rather dull shade of brown hair that drifts up past her chest. Her eyes are a golden brown, and she tends to shave them wide to make her look curious.

She’s a bit of a dreamer, so you might catch her looking outside and not paying attention to something, or having multiple light bulb moments. She’s kind, even to people she doesn’t know, although she’s is a bit distrustful with strangers. When you herself or strangers, she often keeps a passive face unless talking to someone, and when she wants to be, she can be plenty reckless. Stubborn too when it comes to it, and very energetic. She almost has a drastic mood change, because sometimes she’s very quiet, and calm. Observant and careful are words to suit her at that time, when energetic and reckless are to suit her other attitude. It depends with the people she’s with, because she gets the more energetic side around people she knows and has befriended, and the calmer shy side with people she doesn’t know too well.

She is part demon, and it comes with the extension that when she activates her abnormal side, she gets advantages. Her eyes glow a pale red that mixes in with her original brown eyes. And two small red horns poke out of her head, just as well as a demon tail. Her two front teeth grow sharper, and her senses grow more acute as well. She can summon fire at her disposal, to partake in any form that she wants, as long as it isn’t summon too far away from her, and isn’t too big in size. She can change the heat if the flames as well as the shape and form, to create what she wants. In this form, she can touch and moves through any type of fire of immense heat, and it would not damage her nor her clothes.

She partakes in certain sports like soccer, and volleyball, and takes self defence lessons such as boxing. She’s rather fit, and also likes to doing less interactive activities too, like drawing and writing. She’s terrible at dancing, and can be shy around people when presenting some of her work. As hobbies, she loves climbing trees and finding the craziest places to read books. She’s an adventurer, that’s for sure. So she will often be outside doing some activity or hanging out with friends. Or inside doing her own thing.

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