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Nepeta Leijon

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:33> AKA kittycat shipper cavve girl

Rogue of Heart

Handle: arsenicCatnip

Quirk: Starts all sentences with :33 < and replaces double E's with 33, both to represent the two mouths of her lusus. Uses cat puns whenefur pawsible! :33
Also uses asterisks to denote actions on account of her love of roleplaying. Nepeta Leijon, also known by her Trollian handle, arsenicCatnip, is one of the trolls. Her associated zodiac sign is Leo (♌) and she has horns shaped like cat ears.

She's really just into cats.

Nepeta has light grey skin, yellow eyes, and black, messy hair. She sports candy corn coloured horns on her head that are shaped into cat ears and, much like her very own blood, her tongue and interior of her mouth are the colour of olive green. She also has small fingernails she's filed into the shapes of claws.

Roleplaying, CATS, Drawing, Shipping and guessing the relationships of her friends, Hunting

Nepeta is the holder of the Strife Specibus 'clawkind', meaning she uses gloves with sharp, long, retractable claws attached to the ends. She is never seen without them, as "you never know when you might encounter some unsuspecting prey. Or when some prey might encounter an unsuspecting you!"
Nepeta also uses a 'drawing' type of Sylladex, using her drawing tablet to grab items from it. Though it's not the 'pictionary' type of Fetch modus, it is presumed to work in a similar form and may possibly be able to "hold an entire planet" within.

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