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Morris "Barbwire" Stockton

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What happens if you drag an unwilling participant to an underground criminal war? You get Morris Stockton.

(Original Character or EP-sona from the Roblox Stealth Action "Entry Point".) Former Navy SEALs operative sent into service in terrorist-infested Iraq for fifteen years, Morris Stockton lives his life as a quiet man under the Blue Collar wage but not entirely quiet. He was diagnosed with dementia and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and suffers quite a lot of mental pain as his cheating wife became his personal Satan.

Sometime later in the States, he was dragged into a crime organization feud, forcing to work for criminals or die. He could choose the second option so he could kill his pain as quick as a whiff but his efforts had costed his employers much praise for him that he is a valuable asset to the organization. Stockton had nothing left to choose than to join then.

His enemies would call him "Barbwire" as once you're in a fight with him, he's going to make you get stuck under his traps as he is relentless. Like barbed wire, he's slowing you down and make you in much agony as the barbs sting.

He quotes his suitation as, "Not that good for his mental health."

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