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Aaron Brooks

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Aaron has smooth caramel skin. He also has his sides and back of his head shaved with bone white, fluffy hair atop his head. The male had a strong muscular body.

As for his face, he has a strong jawline and a slit in his right brow. Aaron is a kind person and can make friends really easy. He’s also very playful and childish.
When it comes to people he cares deeply about, he can be a bit over protective.
The male can also be an air head and hot headed sometimes.

Aaron really likes playing basketball (mostly due to his height) and he likes swimming.
The male also likes hugging and cuddling with basically anyone or anything.

A few things he doesn’t like, are cats, being alone, and wearing tons of clothing.

He has huge fear of thunder storms and often will get panic attacks or start to freak out whenever that happens.

Unfortunately Aaron has a big drinking problem. Even though he isn’t of legal age to drink alcohol he still does it. Fortunately he doesn’t go crazy or get mad when he’s drunk, he just becomes very perverted.

(Also I do not own the photo so I give all credit to the person who does)

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