Nightshade is a small, thin framed, cat like, monster. They're stand on two legs, have little dextrous hands and a mouth that's round like a frog's. Below their chin, little purple florwer petals sprout from their neck and they have a large root jutting from the base of their spine.


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Nightshade is a creature with a humanoid shape, all covered in black fur. With their cat ears and mushroom shaped nose. They look undeniably feline. As well as their odd body, they have a number of disturbing physical traits, all of which shouldn't exist.

Let's start with the less outlandish features, their plant like ones. Around Nightshade's neck is a set of 4 inch long purple flower petals. They extend out and flutter in a way that implies Nightshade can control them. At the base of their spine, there is an orange root jutting out like a tail. All along it are little capillaries and ridges which
imply this creature was once uprooted from their tail.

Moving on to the less normal features. It's eye's are piss yellow or white depending on what's happening. I will not go into detail on what causes this change for I wish to not know myself.
On the back of it's head, there are two eyes which usually remain hidden when closed because the lids are covered in fur. When open, each one is a milky white, with no iris. It's hard to tell if they can see out of these or they're just for show.

I could easily go on explaining more, but I've run out of space to explain. If you wish to know more about this creature, don't be afraid to DM me and potentially meet them.




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