-She's a huge bookworm, and is especially a fan of dystopian novels.
-Low key a masochist.
-Okay maybe high key.
-She is bisexual with a tendency to gravitate toward women.
-She has two large scars on her back where her wings were once attached.


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Fallen Angel

5'7", 135 lbs


Originally a guardian angel, Rose spent the first several years of her life taking care of a young girl named Lucy that she'd been assigned to protect. The girl passed away at the age of nine when she was struck by an oncoming vehicle, though, due to what was only explained as "part of god's plan". Enraged and filled with grief, Rose took to the streets of heaven and severed her own wings, resulting in her fall. Today, she mostly keeps to herself and has grown cold and apathetic over the years. She considers no one in particular an ally, but will work with anyone fighting against the total rule of heaven or hell out of spite for what can happen when a single ruler is given absolute power. She now works as a freelance writer, publishing dystopian short stories in her spare time.

Personality-wise, Rose is a bottomless salt shaker. Though not exactly cruel, she instinctively uses insults and cold remarks to push people away from herself. She will hold a certain level of toleration for those able to think for themselves and take a rude remark in stride, though, but generally still prefers to be left alone. The place where this changes, though, is around children. She still maintains her motherly instincts from her days as a guardian angel and will lighten up around young kids.




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