Titles: Pre-Scratch Rogue of Void; Mom Lalonde

Speech/Text: frequent spelling errors, assumed to be due to drunkeness; *will correct some errors by prefacing the next line with an asterisk; no consistent punctuation; no capitalization except for EMPHASIS; uses some abbreviations like atm idk fyi or lmao and other text messaging shorthand such as rite and urself; drops g from words which end in -ing; occasionally uses the :3 emoticon

Strife Specibus: Riflekind; Fistkind


Nobility level


Extra info



Human [Paradox Clone]

5'10 [177.39 cm] Height; 138 lbs [62.59 kg] Weight


Likes: Alcohol, Wizards, Cats, Her Daughter, Ponies, Science. Scarves

Dislikes: Unknown, suspected dislike of Betty Crocker and Chess

-Fair, Pale, Smooth Skin; Faintly Tan in Summer Months
-Bright Pink Eyes; High Cheekbones; Pale Pink Lips, Usually covered with Black Lipstick
-Pale White-Blonde Hair; Light Pink Sheen under a certain light
-Well Manicured Nails; Smooth Dainty Hands
-Always Wearing a Pristine Lab-coat; Sometimes a Pink Scarf

Tech: Cutting Edge Technology, some of which she made herself.
-Sylladex: Subspace Miscellaneous Inventory
-Strife Specibus: Subspace Weapons Inventory
-Appearifier: It can be used to "Appear" something from a set of coordinates
-Transportilizer: Basically a Teleportation Device, Requires a set of connected pads in the desired locations to use.
-Sendificator: A microwave sized box that can send anything that fits in it to a set of specified coordinates.
-Fenestrated Panes: 'Windows' that can open out into extra-dimensional realms, hook two up for a quick getaway. Or turn only one on and end up somewhere random.
-Secrets~ A Lady never tells all her secrets!

-Shame on you!! A proper lady never reveals the contents of her Sylladex, Purse, or Emergency Supply Bag!

-Crockercorp Appearifier Rifle: Can appearify Fenestrated Walls at the aimed location, to allow transport between two targets. Requires Two [2] shots to properly transport between places.
-Mom's Rifle: Resembling a PSG-1 sniper rifle, it shoots a beam of concentrated light, which could be called a 'laser beam'.
-More secrets <3
-She may or may not have Wizard Statues to use as Throwing Stars




Nobility level