```Extra Physical Features:```
`Scars`: Lined knife scars on her wrists.
`Physical Strengths`: High Intelligence, Enhanced Speed, Superhuman Stealth, Superhuman Strength, and **Extraordinary** Eyesight, an example: She can see the **texture** of a thin string from across a large room, also being able to see very far.
`Physical Weaknesses:` Anything that can hurt a normal human.


Nobility level


Extra info




5' feet 7" inches (177.80 centimeters)


```•About Her•```
`Personality:` Crazy, Bipolar, Schizophrenic, Likes to make friends, Nice to certain people, Sometimes quiet and cold.
`Likes:` Nice or friendly people, videogames, playing around, compliments regarding her angeletic form, her angel sword, and killing 'sinners' that she judges.
`Dislikes:` Mean or shady people, Being annoyed, assholes *(CP/Proxy or not)*, insults, and evil people.
`Back Story:` Ever since Dina was born, her father had never loved her. This was because she looked nothing like her parents, whom had dark-brown (father) and undyed black-faded-to-white hair (mother), lightly-tan skin (both), light-blue (father) and slightly-dark-brown eyes (mother); whereas Dina had blonde hair, extremely pale skin, and completely-black pearly eyes. When she was born, her father decided to keep her in the house and she couldn’t leave.
At 15 years old, Dina wanted to go outside like the other kids. Her dad beat her for this, and she was sent to her room. Her mom tried to cheer her up, but her dad was angry she was caring for Dina. So Dina and her mom decided on Christmas eve that they will secretly run away.
When Christmas-Eve came, Dina's dad found out about Dina and her mom running away. He didn't agree with this and beat his wife to death. Dina saw this and picked up a sword from her father's study. Dina killed him via decapitation, pronouncing him "Guilty". Dina set fire to her mansion, and witnesses reported that Dina, now called "Judge Angels", was seen at the burning house, calmly walking away into the forest... with a halo and wings.
`How She Kills:` Her favorite way of execution is decapitation with her angel sword, but she will slash, stab, disembowel, pretty much any way she can kill, she will.
`Line:` "I will sentence you." or "I now pronounce you... **Guilty**."




Nobility level